10 Best Used Car Lots in Columbia, South Carolina

Are you in need of a Used Car Lot in Columbia, SC?

A car is not just any machine one can have since it is becoming a necessity in people’s daily life. In current times, technology is taking over almost everything is run by machines such as cars are handling almost all of our chores. It is difficult for one to move from one place to another in Columbia and West Columbia South Carolina without using a car. It is therefore advisable that when one is purchasing a car, they should find the best used car lots Columbia SC has to offer to sell them the best of the cars, trucks, and SUVs that are available today. However due to the fact that cars can be a bit more expensive than allowed in your budget, used cars are have managed to fill in the gap enabling almost everyone as long as they have some income on their way, a to afford a car to drive in.

The following list is of the 10 best used car dealerships in Columbia, SC that offers many different vehicles and accessories such as test drives, leather seats, navigation systems, alloy wheels, sport utility vehicles with row seating and in house finance options with excellent terms of service.

1.Dick Smith Ford

Dick Smith Ford is a car a used car dealer located at 7201 Garners Ferry Rd Columbia, SC

This dealership is a part of the larger Dixmyth automotive group offering new, certified pre-owned and used cars. The dealer treats their individual customer with paramount concern since as usual when one is buying a car, they have high expectations. It is, therefore, their job to ensure that the expectations are met and even more the dealer ensures they exceed those expectations. This is portrayed by the experienced staff which is eager to share the knowledge as well as the enthusiasm with the customer. In the event that an individual does not see the car they want on the online inventory one has to deliver their specifications for the car they want to the dealer and upon giving them your specifications of the car, you need, the dealer ensures they inform the customer when a car matching their specifications arrives. The customer can see the car personally, the dealer has an online platform allowing that to happen at the comfort of the customer.

A few samples of the type of inventory Dick Smith Ford is listed below:

2017 Ford F150

AVG Price: $36,400

2015 Ford Ranger

AVG Price: $31,000

2016 Ford Explorer

AVG Price: $29,500

2014 Ford Taurus

AVG Price: $26,500

2. Rushing Automotive

Rushing Automotive is a car dealer and repair located in 3933 Broad River Rd Columbia, South Carolina.

The company deals with all type of cars where they repair and also sell used cars. The company was started in 1997 as a simple repair shop before later expanding into a dealer. The company has a dedicated employee’s team whose main aim is to ensure that the customer’s requests are met to the best of their knowledge. The offer reasonable prices to make sure they match their customer’s expectations. They are guided by simple ethic behaviors which are honesty and dedication. The dealer has experienced tremendous growth over the last 22 years due to their dedication to what they do. They serve their customers directly hence if one needs any car or any services, they can visit their shop at the above address.

Some vehicles that Rushing Automotive carry on their car lot are listed below:

2017 Toyota Camry

AVG Price: $23,905

2018 Toyota Tacoma

AVG Price: $25,400

2016 Toyota 4Runner

AVG Price: $36,300

2014 Toyota Corolla

AVG Price: $18,300

2014 Toyota Avalon

AVG Price: $19,800

3. Global Automotive

It is one of the best-used car dealers in Columbia. The dealer is located at 5001 Two Notch Rd Columbia, SC 29204.

The dealer has a range of activities such as selling used cars as well as new cars. The company offers some of the best prices making the dealer among the most preferred in Columbia. The company is dedicated to making sure that the customer gets a great buying experience. Which is accomplished by the dealer assisting them to acquire the car of their dreams. The company also sells auto parts which are mostly found in the e-commerce sites such as eBay. Global Automotive has an advanced selling website where a customer can view all the inventory they have at the moment. If one does not find what they need on the online portal, the dealer ensures they find it for them and alert the customer as soon as the car arrives. The online platform helps easy access for the clients and more so convenience for the customers of requesting a car at any part of the country.

Some of the certified pre-owned vehicles Global Automotive carries are listed below:

2018 Dodge Cummings

AVG Price: $33,045

2017 Dodge Charger

AVG Price: $38,501

2015 Dodge Durango

AVG Price: $31,000

2016 Dodge Dart

AVG Price: $17,700

2015 Dodge Journey

AVG Price: $20,695

4. Galeana Kia

Galeana Kia is an automotive dealer located at 180 Greystone Blvd, Columbia, SC 29210, Unites States.

The company was founded in 1988 making Galeana Kia the oldest Kia dealership in the Midlands. The dealer Is very dedicated to what they do by providing most of the car’s models to their customers. It is the best place one can find a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles. In their lot, one can find an impressive array of vehicles which includes top models by Kia. Among them includes Optima, The soul as well as the Forte. The dealer treats every customer as their friend ensuring that the customer feels comfortable dealing with them. The dealer is also dedicated to repairing and maintenance of any cars. The company guarantees that upon walking through their doors, one will find a car that fits their driving needs as well as the budget they have set aside. Galeana Kia is one of the most compassionate as well as a dependable dealership in Columbia due to their involvement with the community and supporting charities.

Some of the vehicles that Galeana Kia carries on their lot are as listed below:

2018 Kia Optima

AVG Price: $22,600

2017 Kia Soul

AVG Price: $17,000

2017 Kia Forte

AVG Price: $17,300

2014 Kia Rio

AVG Price: $14,600

5. Dick Dyer Toyota

The dealership is located in Columbia Sc and they are dedicated to ensuring that the customer gets the best buying experience which is beyond comparison. The dealership provides the best Toyota Models such as Lexington and Irmo.as well as quality used cars. Dick Dyer Toyota also provides the best parts which can be accessed at the Toyota Dealership. The dealership is therefore perfect for those who love Toyota make vehicles. The Dedicated staff at Dick Dyer Toyota helps the customer with all transaction requirements which is usually a headache to them. Since most of the transactions are done online, all the customer has to do is wait and get their car.

Some of the used vehicles that Dick Dyer Toyota keeps available to their customers are as listed below:

2018 Toyota Tundra

AVG Price: $31,320

2016 Toyota Scion

AVG Price: $16,500
AVG Price: $14,000
AVG Price: $35,000

6. Midlands Honda

Midlands Honda is one of the best automotive dealers in Columbia in 124 Killian Commons Pkwy Columbia, SC 29203.

The dealership deals with both used and new cars. As a Honda Dealership in Columbia, their main goal is to ensure they provide the best Honda services, Hondas for sale, and also Honda repairs. Therefore, the dealership is best suited for those who love Honda cars. The dealership has the largest selection for used Honda cars for sale in the whole of Columbia Sc. The dealership believes in friendliness, hence as the friendly neighborhood Honda dealer of Columbia SC, the dealership provides very easy and affordable auto loans, a lot of cheap used cars for sale and more so the greatest of the deals for Honda Vehicles.

Some of the select used vehicles that Midland Honda offers to their customers are listed below:

2018 Honda CRV

AVG Price: $24,250
AVG Price: $20,000

2016 Honda H-RV

AVG Price: $19,500

2015 Honda Odyssey

AVG Price: $35,000

7. Stivers Hyundai

It is the largest Hyundai dealership in Columbia Sc. Stivers Hyundai is located at 101 Newland Rd Columbia, Sc 29229.

The dealership provides the most expansive Hyundai selection in Columbia Stivers Hyundai is completely dedicated to ensuring that the customer gets behind the wheel of a great Hyundai at a price that works for them. There are a lot of benefits that accompany the cars from Stivers Hyundai which includes warranty programs backed up by some of the best insurance brokers in the country. The dealership has an online platform that helps all the customers in accessing the inventory available. The dedicated team then assists the customer in everything they need hence ensuring that the customer gets the vehicle they need.

Some of the automobiles that Stivers Hyundai carry are at their used car dealership are listed below:

2018 Hyundai Elantra SEL

AVG Price: $18,850

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

AVG Price: $25,040

2016 Hyundai Tucson

AVG Price: $23,595

2015 Hyundai Genesis

AVG Price: $30,500

8. Jim Hudson Lexus

Jim Hudson Lexus is a member of the Jim Hudson Automotive Group which has been family owned as well as operated. The dealership has been serving in Columbia since its founding in the year 1980. The family has a firm commitment to customer service which has been the co-foundation of the dealership’s family company is involved in selling both new and used cars, servicing automotive, and more so lounges and cafes. The dealership ensures that their customers get a positive experience. However, the dealership deals with Lexus vehicles mostly making them the largest dealers of Lexus model in Columbia.

Some of the vehicles that Jim Hudson Lexus carry are listed below:

2018 Lexus RX 350L

AVG Price: $43,470

2017 Lexus NX200t

AVG Price: $35,600

2015 Lexus ES 350

AVG Price: $38,500

2014 Lexus IS 250

AVG Price: $22,787

9. BMW of Columbia

It is one of the largest BMW dealers in Columbia located at 250 Killian Commons Pkwy Columbia, SC 29203.

The dealership deals with selling new and old cars, auto repairs as well as selling auto parts and supplies. Despite their amazing store, the dealership has a new website which has changed everything in the way they deal with customers. The dealership has been always committed to ensuring maximum satisfaction of customer needs. And in doing so, the new website is dedicated to bringing services closer to the customers. Buying a car at BMW of Columbia has just become as easy as browsing the car one needs and asking for it.

Listed below are some examples of the beautiful cars BMW of Columbia carries:

2018 BMW M3

AVG Price: $ 64,843

2017 BMW i8

AVG Price: $149,900

2016 BMW X5

AVG Price: $47,600

2015 BMW 740 Ld

AVG Price: $41,400

10. Chris Polson Automotive

Chris Polson Automotive is one of the largest cars lots in Columbia SC. The dealership deals with a wide range of vehicles types such as Chevrolet, Hummer, Jeep, Lexus, Subaru as well as Toyota. The dealership offers very competitive prices as well as the best quality vehicles. Chris Polson Automotive has an online platform or rather a website where the customers visit to access the updated inventory of the dealership at any time they need. The dealership is also characterized by a great team of employees who devote themselves to ensuring that they at all time devote themselves to give their customer the best experience.

Some of the vehicles Chris Polson Automotive carries are listed below:

2018 Chevrolet Silverado

AVG Price: $33,405

2017 Hummer H3

AVG Price: $29,500

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

Price: $44,000

2016 Lexus IS 300

AVG Price: $39,700

2017 Subaru Crosstrek

AVG Price: $22,600

For more ideas and information on used car dealers and the type of inventory they carry, be sure to read the following related articles.

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