12 Best Home AC Units To Install In Your House In 2019

Are you looking for the Best HVAC Unit To Install into Your Home?

If you are looking for the best home AC units to buy and install in your home that will provide a constant flow of both warm and cool air as well as comes with remote control and is the perfect size for the square feet of your home, I may just be able to help.

I have prepared for you the following list of the 12 best HVAC systems of 2019 available on the heat and air market today.  Each of these heating and cooling units listed below has proven time and time again that they are trustworthy and reliable HVAC units are truly best for your home’s comfort.

So with no more delays, let’s get started!

For more information on the Best HVAC Air Conditioner Brands to install in your home, be sure to watch the following video:

12 Best Residential Heating and Cooling Units to Install In Your Home in 2019 

1. Mitsubishi

mitsubishi hvac system

This is one of the best ductless/mini-split air conditioning units available today. This brand is widely used by many homeowners. It comes in handy if you are building a new home or if the old home you are residing in does not have any ductwork. This type of HVAC unit will be very ideal if you are in this kind of situation.

The Mitsubishi HVAC system comes with a 12-year warranty on its compressor part while the other parts are accorded a 10-year warranty respectively. This type of HVAC unit comes with two model options which are the multi-zone and single-zone systems. These models are able to offer a wide range of indoor units.

2. Lennox

lennox heating and air unit

This is another type of HVAC unit that is liked for its energy efficiency that goes up to 26 SEER which is quite impressive. For instance, Lennox makes central air conditioners that have two-stage compressors that are able to run at several speeds. They also offer 16 SEER and 14 SEER rating central air conditioning systems as well.

This Lennox HVAC unit is able to offer more speed settings which give the users precise control over the cooling in their home. The Lennox HVAC units usually come with a 10-year warranty that covers the compressor and most other parts.

3.American Standard/Trane

This brand is well known for providing the best HVAC units with high-efficiency ratings that homeowners generally like. This brand is able to build their compressors that they refer to as “Climatuff” and their coils which they call “spine Fin”. 

These types of coils are the very best in the industry in 2019. This brand offers a 12-year warranty on the compressor and a 10-year warranty on other parts respectively. This is actually better than the industry average. 


carrier bryant heat pump

These brands are able to come up with the best HVAC units that are best known for their excellent energy star quality and stellar durability. They are able to make the best parts possible which include high-quality compressors which make their HVAC units stand superior to the others. 

Additionally, this brand provides a 10-year warranty on parts of their HVAC units. They are also able to come with a variable speed cooling capacity AC and this is a technology that has been greatly improved which makes this brand among the best in offering long-lasting HVAC units. 

They are also able to bring some of the best selections of two-stage and single-stage central air conditing units.


daikin mini split unit

This is one of the best-known providers of HVAC units in the world market in 2019. They are able to produce a complete line of ductless indoor units as well as mini-split air conditioners. They normally emphasize on using quality parts in the HVAC units they offer. 

For instance, they are able to use a Daikin inverter-type compressor which is able to modulate different speeds respectively. This is the type of technology which the mini-split system of ACs uses. Daikin is able to offer a 12-year parts warranty that is actually better than the industry average which includes the compressor too.


amana heating and cooling units

This brand is well known in producing the best HVAC units which are more efficient and come with some of the longest warranties too. There are some HVAC units that they offer that come with a lifetime warranty like the Amana AVXC20 central AC. 

The HVAC units that these brands offer have a better performance when compared with other brand products. The units they offer may be a little expensive but the lifetime warranty they come with ensures you have saved money over time.


This brand also offers HVAC units that perform quite excellently making them be preferred by homeowners. Additionally, these equipment are durable and come with a lengthy warranty too. This brand produces HVAC units that are budget-friendly and have easy window installation options therefore many homeowners go for them especially in the current hard times. 

Another incredible thing about the HVAC unit from Heil is that they have universally available parts which means if one requires to do some repairs, they will easily secure the parts they are looking for. Heil HVAC units come with a 10-year warranty which is quite a long time.

8. Rheem

rheem hvac

Rheem HVAC units are also regarded as one of the best in the industry in 2019. They are able to produce HVAC units that energy-efficient and durable. If you are looking for commercial or residential HVAC units, you should look at the products Rheem is offering and you will not regret it at all.


goodman ac unit

Goodman is widely known for providing HVAC units at affordable rates and coupling them with some amazing warranties. The good thing about HVAC units from Goodman is that their spare parts are universally available. Additionally, the compressors of their HVAC units come with a lifetime warranty.


This brand is widely known for using quality parts while assembling their HVAC units. They are also popular for offering lengthy warranties that run to about 12 years on all parts. 

In case the compressor fails over a short period of time, Maytag will typically replace the entire HVAC unit for you. The HVAC units this brand offers are usually energy-efficient and are able to perform excellently as compared to others.


york heat and air system

One great thing about York HVAC products is that their parts are available universally except for the coils. The HVAC units they provide are reliable and durable. 

Another incredible thing about York’s products is that they provide a lifetime warranty on their compressor and a 10-year warranty on the other parts.


Ruud is able to produce some of the best HVAC units available today. It is actually one of the most trusted brands in the current market. Ruud is able to assemble HVAC units from universally available parts. 

Their HVAC units are reliable and give a high performance. The fact that their HVAC unit parts are available universally means that their warranties are really effective. The units they offer in the market are also durable and will go for a long time before they start malfunctioning.

There you go, the 12 best heating and cooling systems to buy in 2019 for your home’s comfort and to help you save on those energy bills.  Each of these HVAC systems can be found at most Home Depots in your area.  

If you would like more information regarding the best heating and air conditioning systems for both residential and commercial locations as well as information on how to find the best HVAC companies in your area that provide the best services, be sure to read the following related articles.

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