Flooded Heating & Cooling System

Finding out the amount of damage

All of the best NC HVAC companies are currently helping out in the Wilmington, NC area due to the recent flood.  Many of these contractors are coming alone and partnering up with a local heating and air company.  There are also heat pump and air conditioning repair companies sending several of their own employees there to help.

This is a really great gesture by these heating and cooling companies.  Many of the residents who live along the North Carolina coastline have a flooded central air system.  This does not even include the amount of business who suffered critical commercial AC and heating damage.  These companies cannot reopen their doors until the entire air system has been fixed and inspected.

The amount of flood damage hurricane Florence left behind really did put a strain on all of the AC companies.  Thankfully there are companies across the nation helping out so that everybody that was affected can be helped immediately.

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  1. I truly hope all of the areas affected by the current storm get back on their feet really soon. There truly is a lot of work that needs to be done and it is great companies from other states are stepping in and helping.

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