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Most of the car dealerships in Columbia SC right now are making a lot of money.  The number of vehicles that they are selling is close to breaking all-time highs for many car lots.  Many owners believe that the recent storm that swept through the southern part of the east coast may have something to do with this.

This could actually be exactly what is going on.  Let’s stop and think about it for just a moment.  If you live in an area that was flooded during the recent storm and lost your vehicle you are going to need a new one.  You really cannot drive anywhere because your only means of transportation was destroyed during the storm.  This means that you will have to find the closest place to buy your next new or used truck or Suv.

The one thing that you need to be aware of if you do buy a vehicle from one of these areas is the flood damage.  Many of these vehicles could have received air conditioning and heating damage due to the flooding.  If a vehicles HVAC system is damaged you may not want to buy it.

There are many dealerships in the Columbia South Carolina area that were indeed not affected by the hurricane.  These car dealers will have the Top-Quality vehicles that buyers are looking for.  The following article will help let you know which dealerships are the best to contact and what makes them the best.

The best car dealers in Columbia, SC to contact after Hurricane Florence:

Car dealerships in Columbia, SC not affected by hurricane Florence
The recent hurricane has been a very bad and unforgettable one. People living in this state literally faced hell while they were going through this. Their lives got affected very badly and also, they had to do something about this real quick. But the people of South Carolina have been very strong and so, things came back on track in a very short span of time. But still, many business and other things have been affected because of this huge hurricane that hit this place. But then again, if someone is looking to buy a car and is actually worried about which car dealership to meet here in South Carolina after this huge hurricane then you have come in the right place.

Now after the hurricane, there have been many car dealerships all over Columbia, South Carolina that have had an increase in their sales after the hurricane. People approached the car dealerships to buy new or old cars according to their will. They have visited many different car dealerships and hence, here are the top ten car dealers that you should actually visit if you are planning to buy a car here in Columbia, South Carolina 

Out of all the car dealers, CarMax is actually the one to look for. They have been in this business for quite some time now and their reviews have always been positive. People here can buy used cars or new cars as per their convenience. The quality is very good and the service is also top notch. So if anyone wants to actually buy a car after this huge hurricane, then they should surely buy it from CarMax. They were the best dealers available in town. They have cars and vehicles such as the Jeep, Audi, Chevrolet and so on. So this is the preferred car dealer here in Columbia SC.

The next car dealer to actually look up to here in Columbia, South Carolina will be the Global Automotive. Their customer service is considered to be one of the best. They have a very efficient system of dealing with customers. Hence, the customers need not worry about actually having a headache about this different kind of stuff while buying a vehicle. The efficient management system ensures that the customer gets the best what they wanted and also it makes the customer delighted and happy. And also, they do have a wide variety of cars with them such as the Chevrolet, Jeep and a lot more. So please do visit this place if you are planning to buy a vehicle.

The next one is Dick Dyer Toyota. This car dealer, as the name suggests has a wide variety of Toyota cars. Toyota cars have been here in Columbia and the United started for a really long time now. People trust this brand and also, people actually trust these car dealers. They have a verity of cares and also they make sure to repair it and service it. Hence, the customer need not go somewhere else to actually service their vehicle. The reviews are also great and if you truly are a Toyota fan then you should surely visit this car dealer. They will surely help you and also you’ll have a great experience 

The next famous car dealers are the Galeana Kia. The special and friendly ethics to deal with the customers is actually very great to see and also compelling. They have been in this business for quite some time now and hence, they have been appreciated by many for what they are doing. The amount of dedication and hard work these car dealers have to their work is just remarkable. They have different car models and all are in very good conditions. The different car models that they have is actually the Optimus and many more. So please pay a visit if you are planning to buy a car here.

Now if someone actually needs a used car then they should surely visit this car dealers called the Drivetime used cars. They are the best when it comes to used cars. They have been specializing in this field for really long time now and they understand the fact customers are the highest priority. They have used cars in a really good condition and also at a price that is actually undeniable. So basically, if someone is looking for used cars then they should actually visit this place. They have cars such as Audi, Mercedes, Toyota and so on. So surely, this is the place to be for used cars.

The next one is for someone who is truly a Honda car fan. If so, then they should visit Midlands Honda. They have both used and unused Honda cars. The used cars are in really good condition and the people who have bought cars from this place have really appreciated it. So this is the place for Honda fans.

Another place where used cars are been sold very nicely is the Godwin motors. This place has been especially been known for its excellent service. Used cars here are in great shape and also you can find a variety of cars here. Normal family cars are the cars that are mostly used and sold here. The uses cars here are in really good condition and they look and feel like new cars. That’s the amount of service this car dealers give to their cars. So if anyone is looking for used cars at affordable prices then they should surely visit Godwin motors.

People who are die-hard Hyundai fans should really visit Stivers Hyundai. This place is like a heaven of the Hyundai fans. The amount of quality and service these cars dealers provide is unreachable. People should really take a look at this to get the best cars. 
And lastly, Jim Hudson Lexus, Columbia, and BMW Columbia are the cars dealers to look for too. For those fans of Lexus and BMW, these two cars dealers will be really awesome. They have both used and unused cars of this type and also, they have great value.

So these were basically the best-used car dealerships to visit if a person wants to actually buy a used or a new vehicle. This list has been taken from the reviews of the people and hence one should actually visit these car dealers to know their quality and service. These car dealers have only grown in sales after the hurricane and so this will surely help the customers get the best deals and the cars of their preference. So enjoy riding your vehicle and be safe!

For more information on new and used cars as well as auto dealerships to find them at, take some time and read the following related article.

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  1. You should always inspect any vehicle you are buying very thoroughly before you buy it. No matter if it is after a major storm or not.

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