Top 10 Heating & Air Companies In Wilmington, NC

Is your Heating & Air system ready for the seasons?

The one thing every homeowner should do before the change of seasons is to have their HVAC system checked.  The best way to see that this is done correctly is to contact a heating and air Wilmington NC company to come and take a look.  These brand of companies are fully equipped and well prepared to handle any kind of problem you may be having with your AC unit or heat pump.

Once the HVAC contractors have arrived they will begin immediately to check your entire heating and cooling system.  Once they have completed a thorough inspection of your entire AC system they will come to you with their results.  Once you have full knowledge of everything that is going on you can then make a decision if you would like them to fix the problem or not.  From my experience, the best thing to do is to go ahead and fix the problem.

Are you looking for the best HVAC service professionals in Wilmington, North Carolina? You’ve come to the right place!

Regardless of your needs, you’ll find what you need here in this article!

Top 10 Heating & Air Companies In Wilmington, NC:

1) O’Brien Service Company

O’Brien is a trusted name in the Wilmington area. Did you hear a weird noise coming from your air conditioner? Call O’Brien! Is the cooling system in your office not working properly? Give O’Brien a call. They have over 35 years of qualified experience.

O’Brien’s technicians are very professional and friendly. Before entering your house, they take their shoes off. After completing the diagnostic, he will tell you what needs to be done and how much he will charge for the repair. Some repairs can even be done during the diagnosis!

Besides repairs, O’Brien has many products available for purchase: thermostats, AeroSeal air ducts, heat pumps, and more!

3308 Enterprise Drive

Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910-799-6611

2) Wilmington Air

Wilmington Air goes above and beyond to make sure that its customers are completely satisfied with their service. They understand how frustrating it is to have energy bills climb up when the air conditioner split systems is not working properly or running smoothly. That is why Wilmington Air is committed to learning all the new HVAC systems so they can stay up-to-date with the new trends.

Their services include:

  • Repairing HVAC services
  • Residential and Commercial Services
  • Air Ducts Services, Coil Cleaning and much, much more

Wilmington Air stands out because they understand that customer service is #1!

6515 Market Street

Wilmington, NC 28405

Phone: 910-791-1988

3) Airmax Heating and Cooling

Airmax conforms to your busy schedule. They understand you are a very busy person, so you can set up an appointment with them anytime.

Their service is fast and friendly. You can set up an appointment with them and they will arrive at your door on time.

There are no hidden charges. All the fees required are based upon a flat-rate fee, and their technicians do not charge by the hour. The job is done right the first time. If the technician doesn’t do a good job, he will do it until the job is done correctly.

All Airmax technicians have to meet a rigorous pre-employment test, so you can rest assured knowing your work is done by a professional.

4538 Technology Drive, Suite 1

Wilmington, North Carolina 28405

Phone: 910-798-4991

4) Moser Mechanical Inc.

Moser Mechanical is an up-and-coming HVAC business in the Wilmington area. They offer HVAC services and they value their customer by showing up on time.

If your unit needs to be replaced, Moser Mechanical can replace the HVAC unit on the same day.

Their technicians are experts: They can service an air conditioner, furnace, and your ventilation system.

There are no hidden fees in their business, and there are different payment plans if you can’t make the full payment upfront.

1501 Marstellar Street

Wilmington, NC 28401

Phone: 910-231-2804

5) Southwestern Heating & Air Conditioning

Southwestern Heating and Air Conditioning offers many types of HVAC equipment, including air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnaces, and humidifiers. They also provide plenty of services. They can help you install new equipment, upgrade and replace broken equipment at home, and provide maintenance for pre-existing equipment.

They offer service agreements, which allow for two performance tune-ups per year, free 24-hour priority service, 10% off replacement parts, a warranty, and 10% off repair labor.

1934 Colwell Ave

Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910-799-1232

6) Total Comfort Services

Total Comfort Services has been in business since 1989. They pride themselves on providing service with a smile.

You can call them and a local technician will arrive at your doorstep on time and at a price that you can afford. Their expertise is in air conditioner repair, installation, indoor air quality, and home automation. It’s easy to contact them! They offer same-day service seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

3232-3 Kitty Hawk Rd

Wilmington NC, 28405

Phone: 910-397-2911

7) Kenny Fowler Heating & Air

Kenny Fowler Heating and Air provides full-service heating and sales, service and installation.

They are able to install and service all makes and models of HVAC systems. They are a local business in Wilmington, and they are not afraid to get down and dirty.

Kenny Fowler has a very simple mission statement. He wants to provide to the customer the very best service that they can get, and he treats all his customers and employees with respect. He will never overcharge or undercompensate in any manner.

He will also offer free estimates to anyone in New Andover and surrounding counties. He works around your schedule, making sure that customer satisfaction is met and exceeded!

711 WellingtonAve

Wilmington, NC28401

Phone: 910-508-4553

8) Four Star Heating & Air

Four Star Heating and Air proudly offers services to the areas of Hampstead, Leland, Carolina Beach, Castle Hayne, Wrightsville Beach, Rocky Point, and Kure Beach. They offer home heating, heating, heat pump and emergency a/c services in the Wilmington Area.

All of their staff has been licensed and certified to handle a variety of HVAC services. They also sell some of the best brands in the industry.

In the summertime, the North Carolina heat can be almost unbearable. The A/C will have to be inspected at least once a year to make sure it is properly functioning. Four Star Heating & Air provides upfront estimates for repair.

702 South 18th Street

Wilmington, NC

28403Phone: 910-796-1212

9) Salt Air Heating & Cooling

Salt Air Heating & Cooling provides excellent services to you! They come to your house on time and they inspect your HVAC unit to make sure that it is working properly.

Salt Air Heating & Cooling believes that all families should enjoy clean, comfortable air when they are at home. They also believe that regular heating and air maintenance should be made simple and convenient and that families shouldn’t have to pay too much for good service. Their goal is to provide their clients with the best service for all of their clients.

3119 KittyHawk Rd #1

Wilmington, NC 28404

Phone: 910-777-3539

10) All About Energy Solutions

All About Energy Solutions audits your home to see where you can save energy every month. They have a 12-point energy analysis system that allows them to determine which areas of the house need to most attention. They can also help install insulation in your home that will keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Their energy audit is completely free.

112-A S KerrAve

Wilmington, NC 28403

Phone: 910-253-0170

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