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Biggest house remodeling mistakes made in 2018

This year house contractors across the nation are verifying that the same home remodeling mistakes are being made.  This is not happening in one area of the nation, this is happening across the entire country.  One of the biggest mistakes being made is homeowners not hiring the correct HVAC contractors for installation work. The other is homeowners leaving their cars and trucks close by the work zone and vehicles are being damaged.

Now, I completely understand not knowing that you need to hire the correct heating and cooling company for the installation work.  But not to understand that you should not park your vehicle in a construction zone really baffles me.   Everyone with a license and common sense should know that you do not park your truck around heavy construction machinery.

The saddest thing is that according to my well reliable source these 2 major mistakes are being made every single day.  Not only are these mistakes being made but some people are getting mad at the AC contractors for their vehicle damages.

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  1. The smartest thing homeowners can do as far as their HVAC system goes is to contract out a separate company for all of the heating and cooling renovations.

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